Your Chance to Learn Event Modeling 

3 Day Workshop

Event Modeling is the new paradigm for software system development - it is post-Agile. Quite simply it improves on past methodologies in five major areas: 

  1. more scalable
  2. zero data loss 
  3. faster transactional performance
  4. simpler system modeling
  5. faster development timelines

For developers new to the practice, you will learn our Event Modeling approach including the high-level system design to the actual configuration of an Event Store instance (the underlying repository). All attending will gain a strong understanding of the core patterns and practices that lead to successful Implementations.

This is what you will learn


Christopher Condron 

Technology Fellow at Adaptech

Chris is a software engineer and architect who's been building message driven and event sourced systems for 20 years and is currently working at Event Store. He has worked in the telecom, finance, and biomedical industries delivering, supporting, and transforming mission critical systems in environments ranging from the fortune 50 to startups.

Adam Dymitruk

Event Modeling Author - CEO at AdapTech

Adam Dymitruk is the CEO of Adaptech Group and is a pioneer in the event sourcing space working with Greg Young on one of, if not the, earliest event sourcing projects, which includes the introduction of PAXOS into scaling the write side of CQRS. He's also the author of Event Modeling. 


Build Event Sourced Systems  

Implement Commands, Events, and Stream Writers  

Implement Read Models and use them to drive UIs and other integrations 


Work with the business to define an Event Sourced application  

Create clear Event Sourced specifications Avoid Common Errors and Troubleshoot issues  

1. Modeling long-running workflows and processes

2. Creating cross-cutting reports

3. Exercise 5:

-Add daily check-in/checkout report

-Generate Guest Invoice

4. Model the external guest rewards program integration

5. Exercise 6:

-Accrue points, Use points

6. Project Management and estimation

7. Recap and Questions



1. Exercise 2: Room Reservation end-to-end workflow

2. Exercise 3:

-Add explicit check-in and checkout time (small change)

-Add Room Cleaning (large change)

3. How to model system integrations and cross-process integration

4. Model the Payment Gateway integration

5. Exercise 4: Integrate with payment gateway




1. Introductions and Setup

2. Review the 4 core types of specifications

3. Definition and Fundamentals of Event Sourcing

4. Introduction to the Business Scenario

5. Build the Event Model

6. Exercise 1: User Registration


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February 4-6, 2020   New York

What people are saying

Matt Bishop, Principal Architect
Elastic Path Software

“Adaptech has been supporting us on our own CQRS Journey for more than a year. We have engaged with Adaptech multiple times and they deliver both sound advice and exceptional code.”

Greg Young, Father of CQRS

“The people at Adaptech are early adopters of event-centric architectures, CQRS and event sourcing with years of experience who are often leaders on their own. Their contributions have been and continue to be invaluable to the community at large.” 


Greg Young

Chief Scientist at Adaptech

Greg Young is the father of CQRS and Event Sourcing. He has changed the industry using event-based and ledger-based architectures. He wrote the Event Store project and started the company that provides commercial support for it.