Your Chance to Learn CQRS, Event Sourcing and Event Modeling 

2 - 5 Day Workshop

Event Modeling is the new paradigm for software system development - it is post-Agile. Together with event-driven architectures in information systems companies work differently: 

  1. executive level decisions map to implementation more directly
  2. estimates of projects are orders of magnitude more accurate
  3. multiple technologies can work together to provide better solutions
  4. the roles within an organization can be redistributed to eliminate waste
  5. organizations can scale along with the solutions they own

The workshop is geared to cover everything from the Boardroom decision all the way down to specifying, writing, deploying and maintaining information systems. The workshop is offered in its entirety or one can choose 2 days that will give a specific set of lessons.

Choose the start time that fits your timezone. We will be splitting the attendees into group to make sure we accommodate everyone's timezone as best as possible.

Supported languages and technologies will include C#, Kotlin, Scala, Golang and Python

This is what you will learn


Christopher Condron 

Technology Fellow at Adaptech

Chris is a software engineer and architect who's been building message driven and event sourced systems for 20 years and was the former CTO at Event Store. He has worked in the telecom, finance, and biomedical industries delivering, supporting, and transforming mission critical systems in environments ranging from the fortune 50 to startups.

Adam Dymitruk

Event Modeling Author - CEO at AdapTech

Adam Dymitruk is the CEO of Adaptech Group and is a pioneer in the event sourcing space working with Greg Young on one of, if not the, earliest event sourcing projects, which includes the introduction of PAXOS into scaling the write side of CQRS. He's also the author of Event Modeling. 


Design Workshop Facilitation

Advanced Event Systems Design

Agile Adjustment to Event Driven

Running Event Sourcing in the Cloud

Eventual Consistency and Concurrency

Schema Versioning

Migration and Legacy Code Strategies

EventStoreDB, Kafka, GraphQL

Event Sourcing in AWS, GCP and Azure

.. and more!

1. CQRS - Greg Young

2. Stream Design - Tim Hamelin

3. Event Modeling Migration Legacy to Event Sourcing - Adam Dymitruk

4. Lamport Clocks and PAXOS - Adam Dymitruk

5. Security in Event Sourced Systems - Farshad Abasi

6. Replacing DDD, Event Storming, C4 and others with Event Modeling - Adam Dymitruk


NOV 18

1. Advanced Event Modeling - Adam Dymtiruk

2. Event Modelling Specifications - Adam Dymitruk

3. Leading Event Modeling Workshops - Rafal Maciag

4. Adjusting Agile to Event Modeling - Adam Dymitruk

5. Polyglot Development - Adam Dymitruk

6. Finding Sub-System Boundaries - Adam Dymitruk


NOV 17


1. Event-Centric Thinking - Adam Dymitruk and Greg Young

2. Event Sourcing - Greg Young

3. Event Modeling - Adam Dymitruk

4. Wardley Maps - Chris Daniel Sourcing

5. Event Modeling Tooling - Bobby Calderwood

6. Domain Driven Design - Alexey Zimarev

NOV 16

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November 16-20, 2020   online!

What people are saying

Greg Young
Father of CQRS

“The people at Adaptech are early adopters of event-centric architectures, CQRS and event sourcing with years of experience who are often leaders on their own. Their contributions have been and continue to be invaluable to the community at large.” 


Greg Young

Chief Scientist at Adaptech

Greg Young is the father of CQRS and Event Sourcing. He has changed the industry using event-based and ledger-based architectures. He wrote the Event Store project and started the company that provides commercial support for it.

Alexey Zimarev

Developer Advocate at Event Store, Author of DDD with .NET Core

Alexey Zimarev is a leader in implementing Event Sourced systems and is currently the Developer Advocate at Event Store. Alexey has published his book that covers implementing DDD solutions with event sourcing.

Rafal Maciag

Founder at Modeling Evolution

Rafal Maciag is the founder of Modeling Evolution. He has helped companies transition traditional Agile approaches to Event Modeling as well as implement numerous Event Sourced systems. Rafal trains leaders to run their own Event Modeling workshops across Europe.

Chris Daniel

Wardley Mapping Expert at Leading Edge Forums

Chris is an advisor specializing in Wardley Maps to give companies situational awareness in the market. These insights are key in bringing boardroom decisions to the product and service road maps.

Tim Hamelin

Senior Solution Architect at Adaptech

Tim Hamelin built entire back-end inventory management systems using Serverless CQRS and DDD w/ Azure Functions, Event Sourcing w/ Blob Storage and EventStore DB, Reactive Messaging w/ Service Bus and CI/CD w/ Azure Dev Ops, Azure Resource Manager Templates

Rob Hale

Senior Solutions Architect at Adaptech

Rob Hale has developed applications for a number of industries, including CGI Film and Computer Games. His specialties are both Windows and Unix/Linux development environments. His expertise spans CQRS/ES & DDD, Linux Clustering, Render Farm Architecture, facial animation systems development, pipeline design.

Steve Elliott

Senior Solutions Architect at Adaptech

Steve Elliot is an expert in event-driven architectures including CQRS/ES and Domain Driven Design. He has extensive AI and ML experience, from numerical prediction, language understanding, to computer vision, with a more thorough understanding above and beyond applications and into theory driving towards the “Holy Grail” of artificial intelligence

1. State Machines and Types of Storage - Christopher Condron

2. GraphQL and Event Sourced Systems - Matt Bishop

3. Event Sourcing in Scala - Sebastian Harko

4. CQRS in the Cloud - Tim Hamelin and Rob Hale

5. Functional Event Sourcing - Jérémie Chassaing

6. RAFT in Rust - James Gaell

7. Event Driven UI - Eric Lau


NOV 19

1. Schema Versioning - Greg Young

2. EventStoreDB vs Kafka - Greg Young and Bobby Calderwood

3. EventStoreDB and Kafka - Greg Young and Bobby Calderwood

4. Type Script in Event Sourcing - James Hickey

5. AxonIQ - Bobby Calderwood

6. Event Sourcing and Machine Learning - Steve Elliott

7. Conclusion and Closing Panel Q and A


NOV 20

Matt Bishop

API Expert and
Principle Architect at Adapech

Matt Bishop is a published author on the subject of APIs. He has guided teams to adopt GraphQL and other technologies. His experience spans Event Sourcing, CQRS and distributed systems. Matt has worked on systems that span multiple regions in the cloud and occasionally connected systems.

Farshad Abasi

Founder and CEO FWDSEC

Farshad Abasi is a security expert that led HSBC's security team for 8 years. He now leads the company he founded to provide secure solutions for organizations around the world. His knowledge of microservices in the cloud allows him to address platform and application security concerns.

Event Modeling


Event Sourcing

Wardley Maps

Event Modeling Tools

Testing in Event Driven systems

Workflow Design

System Design

DDD and Event Storming

Functional Focus on Event Sourcing


You also get the Event Modeling book, Greg Young's CQRS and Event Sourcing course, Alexey's DDD book and Refactoring TypeScript!

Sebastian Harko

Scala/AKKA Expert

Sebastian Harko is a functional programming expert. He has a deep understanding of event sourcing and CQRS and how it translates to functional languages. He has worked for companies that focused on event-driven architectures for most of his illustrious career.

Start is 0600 PST or 1800 PST

6 - 8 hours per day


Bobby Calderwood

Founder at Evident Systems and oNote

Bobby Calderwood is the founder of Evident Systems and oNote. oNote is an Event Modeling Canvas for designing, implementing and managing information systems. Bobby's experience in the fintech space includes CapitalOne amoung others. He has a business background that transitioned to tech.

James Gaell

VP of Engineering
at Event Store

James Gaell is an expert in consensus algorithms, event sourcing, CQRS and distributed/semi-conneted systems in general. He has led the efforts behind the industry-leading Event Store which provides development of and support for Event Store DB.

James Hickey

Microsoft MVP and Author of Refactoring TypeScript

James Hickey is a Microsoft MVP and author of Refactoring TypeScript. He has consulted for Canada's largest firms and maintains large open source projects in the .NET space. He is also the host of the popular Loosely Coupled Show podcast which focuses on modern development practices.

Khalil Stemmler
Developer Advocate at GraphQL

“What Adam has done
[ with Event Modeling ] is consolidated over 30 years of software development best practices into one useful model that we can use to plan and execute projects...  I've been trying to introduce junior developers to DDD and Event-driven development ... but the learning curve is HUGE. I think this is a great place to start..”


Jérémie Chassaing

Functional Programming and Event Sourcing Expert

Jérémie Chassaing is an event sourcing expert. His teaching circumvents all other topics to get at the heart of the functional approach to state management - event without CQRS or DDD concepts. He is also an F# expert and teaches around the world. He has authored a game called Crazy Farmers that was a big success on gofundme.